Common ccTLD link building mistakes

Common ccTLD link building mistakes

Search Engine Watch wrote an interesting piece earlier this month about the Top Five International Link-Building Blunders. This is particularly relevant to ccTLD investors who are trying to develop and monetize their names. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a ccTLD investor is thinking that all of the rules that apply in the US are exactly the same when it comes to your ccTLD of choice. From language to link-building strategies ccTLDs require you to think a little differently for each market you approach.

Below is a summary of the ways you can screw-up a link-building campaign with your ccTLDs, make sure to read the full article from Search Engine Watch to get all the details.

  1. Not using Directories – in the US directories have become completely overused and de-valued, this is not the case in many foreign countries where directories still give some nice link love.
  2. Links coming from the wrong country – want to rank well in Germany? Don’t have all your links coming from the US, the more links you have coming from .DE sites the better you’ll rank in
  3. SEO – you should be paying someone with some real SEO prowess if you want to rank well for competitive terms
  4. Poor-quality automated translations – using translation software to convert you English articles to another language can often yield poor-quality articles. Have a native speaker translate your articles so that your content will remain at the quality-level you intended.
  5. Bad URL structure – if your not using a ccTLD but instead have a French or German version of your site make sure it is crystal clear how to get here otherwise people could end-up linking to the wrong part of your site.

Feel free to share your own tips or words of cautions when it comes to ccTLDs and SEO. Comment and let your voice be heard!

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