Establishing a New Domain – Gift Cards

Establishing a New Domain – Gift Cards

A domain name is a very critical part in setting up your name online, be it for a company, business, organization, or personal. It is more than just the words that need to be input in the search bar of a web browser. It’s the name of your brand, your presence, and your identity’s existence in the online world. So it is very important that when you set up a website with your own domain name, you have to be ready to maintain your subscription to your web host.

There are multiple ways to be able to pay for the web hosting of your website and domain. The most common ones are through your debit and/or credit cards that allow your web content provider to take monthly subscription directly from your bank account.Another way is through PayPal, the internationally renowned way of paying your goods online. But still, there is another way of getting a domain name if you do not want to make use of the previous examples given. And that is with the use of gift cards.That’s right, gift cards.

What are domain name gift cards?

Just as the name implies, and just as how it is usually understood, gift cards or gift certificates, or gift vouchers are cards that are exchangeable to the specified value written on it of service and goods from a place of business.

Domain name gift cards work just the same. Instead of using credit cards and debit cards, or the use of PayPal, or any means of paycheck, a person can pay for his/her domain name for a month or half a year, or for the whole, year depending on the length and amount specified, using only the card given to him/her as a gift or reward from another person or from a promotion he/she won from.

The only difference here is that instead of items and/or services, the gift cards are used for online payment purposes.

How does it work?

gift card domainsThe using of the gift card can work in two ways. The giver and the receiver point of view. Just as any other gift cards you can get from your local grocery or department store, the gift card owner or “giver” purchases the said gift card online from a web host and domain provider. The gift card owner then gives these cards to anyone they deem having them for whatever reasons. While on the other hand, the receiver of the gift cards doesn’t need a single penny spent. They can pay for their domain name from the web host for free, given they input the correct code of the cards they’ll use.

iTunes gift code generator is a powerful tool to generate free codes. If you want to get a free iTunes code, visit their website.

Google Play and iTunes store codes nowadays are very popular and many people try to find reliable websites that provide it.

Where do you get it?

In the past years, there were a number of web hosting sites offering gift cards as a mode of payment for new domain names created from new put up sites. One of these web hosting sites popular for offering the said kind of gift cards is

One way of getting a gift card from GoDaddyis purchasing it from the site. This method would be common for those who are looking to be the one giving the gift card to others. You can buy the gift cards through the use of credit or debit cards and other online means of payment.

Other ways of getting gift cards that have spread through the internet are through following some step by step instructions that include registering to some offers-based sites and answering a few survey questions from a sponsor website. By completing the offers of these advertisers and market companies, one could earn a gift voucher that’s worth a minimum of $20.

Pros and cons

The use of gift cards is like a coin flipped. It’s got two sides. Both a positive and negative. The positive side of using or having a gift card is that you do not need to spend money anymore in purchasing domain names. In other words, with gift cards in your possession, establishing your brand online can be free as any wild bird can be.

The downside though is that each gift card only holds a certain amount (i.e. $10, $20) which means it will only cover a certain number of months depending on how much a domain would cost. So if your gift card can only cover for payments for a month, when it is over you won’t be able to get access to your domain unless you pay once more.

Also, with the latter mentioned means of getting gift cards above, there is a great risk of becoming a victim of online scamming.

We know only one iTunes gift card codes website, that provides free codes. We mentioned it already in the article above.

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