How to register domains in over 1000 extensions

How to register domains in over 1000 extensions

As a ccTLD Investor one of the biggest problems we all encounter is finding where to register all the great ccTLDs that are out there. I don’t know about you but I always find myself running-into a wall when it comes to registering some of the more obscure ccTLDs. My solution in the beginning was just to create a new account with a local registrar in that country. I learned quickly that the language and currency barrier can be a hassle so I started looking for one registrar that could offer all the ccTLDs I was looking for.

It wasn’t long before I found-out about 101 Domain which allows investors to register over 1,113 different TLDs! That is a huge number and I’m yet to encounter a TLD they don’t have. On top of having a great selection of ccTLDs 101 Domain offers a really cool service called Brand Protection. This works by having someone from 101 Domain that actively monitors your brand and makes sure you’re protected online from Trademarks to content to watching-over gTLD registrations.

I think this is a very unique service that is absolutely necessary for anyone that has a brand with an online presence. Just think, suppose you own your brand in Spain so you have the .ES that corresponds to your name, what about all the other extensions out there, could someone pretend to be you and get some of your customers? It could happen and it does happen just about everyday to real brands all over the world.

So if you’re looking for one place to buy all your ccTLDs I highly recommend 101 Domain – they have every TLD you are looking for and additional services that can help you protect and secure your brand.

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