Raymond (RH) – Editor In Chief

Ray is a long-time Domain Investor (registered his first name in 1997!) and a very well respected member of the Domain Blogging community as the publisher of HybridDomainer. Ray has been instrumental in both investing in and covering the .TV space along with a deep knowledge of the ccTLD space as a whole. In 2012 Raymond took the helm as the Editor In Chief of ccTLDInvestors.

Morgan is the founder of ccTLDInvestors.com. Morgan started his company, Linton Investments in 2007 and has focused on building a strong portfolio of revenue-generating domains. Linton Investments also works with startups and Fortune 500 companies to help them acquire the right domain(s) for their business. Linton Investments manages a portfolio of over 1,200 domain names with over 200 developed into revenue-generating websites. Morgan has spoken about Domain Names at conferences in Hong Kong, Ireland, England, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and The Bahamas mon.

I have been domaining since 1997! Many keyword domain names were available at that time particularly 2-word combos which are now selling for thousands. Seeing what I thought was the future, I register keyword domain names in .com, .co.uk and other ccTLD extensions. Too date, I have made a small fortune on domain names and development investments.

Domaining is the only business I know, where you can invest $8 for a domain name and market it at $900. I have used this method time after time often reselling the domain name for $900 within 10-days. No bank, no fund, no investment can yield these types of results except domain names.

I also wrote a small eBook for domaining. The book resides on InternetDomainGroup.com. I filled this book with 13-years of knowledge in domaining so that the industry would benefit from the do’s and dont’s of domaining.

ccTLD domain names are growing year-over-year and I am proud to be in the ccTLD industry and fortunate that my website GenericccTLDs.com has helped thousands in learning about ccTLDs.

Jeffrey Behrendt is a domainer at heart, first and foremost.  He was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, where he now lives with his wife, Aviva, his son, Emet, and his cat, Snowball. Prior to getting into domaining, Jeffrey was a competitive webmaster, working on SEO and internet marketing for several websites. Through this work on the internet, Jeffrey discovered the world of domains.

Jeffrey is passionate about cctlds and has been investing in cctlds for many years.  His main focus has been on .co.uk, .ca and .in/.co.in domains.  His favorite cctld is .in.  Jeffrey believes that the potential for growth in India is amazing – the country has over 1.1 billion people, fast economic growth, and increasing internet penetration. Jeffrey runs INForum.in, the Home of the Indian Domain Industry. Jeffrey is excited to be a member of the team at ccTLDInvestors.com, to share what he has learnt and to learn from some of the top experts in the industry.

Bruce Marler has a long history in the technology field, he started his career working on Internet backbone and VoIP deployments at AT&T and went on to work in sales and business development positions at companies such as Lucent Technologies, Dynavar, and GENBAND where he focused on next generation telecommunicatons and mobile applications.

Most recently Bruce co-founded Localtek, LLC which focuses on helping rural America with their online marketing needs and as part of this has launched Missouri.me which focuses on community portals for all cities and towns within Missouri. Bruce has worked to partner with leading Internet service providers in state to help drive awareness of the need for small business to market their businesses properly on the Internet. This all starts with the selection of their domain name.

Bruce also writes frequently on his blog at BruceMarler.com about a wide range of domain investing topics with much focus on developing an alternative extension such as .ME but also blogs about topics such as marketing your business and general geo domain and minisite tips.

Recently Bruce also announced his companies first geo development partnership with the launch of NorthCarolina.me which is owned by iSupportServices, this is Localteks first partnership where their state platform has been utilized by a separate entity from Localtek.


Husband and daddy of little Antonina, entrepreneur since the early childhood. I live in Warsaw, Poland (European Union). I have lots of imperfections, but I really try to eliminate them – sometimes without success. Perfection is my Achilles’ heel – that is why sometimes I do not sleep at night at all. Soon you will be able to see some of my new projects concerning domain aftermarket, more on ddfund.eu. I am in domain business for 10 years now. In the end of 2000 I set up my hosting and domain registrar company in Poland.

Since April 2009 I am the full-time domainer. I have gathered around 8 thousands of domains in my portfolio – mainly .pl and .eu. I like IDNs, I do not like high renewals fees of .pl domain names. I follow the current trends both in Poland and abroad. I think that international markets are the best source of inspiration and ideas to implement in Poland. I try to think about business from global and European perspective. My favorite saying is “What does not kill you, makes you stronger”. Together with my wife Agnes, I organize MeetDomainers – the domain event dedicated mainly to European domainers and those who are interested in ccTLD market. So far there was MeetDomainers held in Cracow (Poland) in October 2008 and the other one in Warsaw (Poland) in September 2009.

Aaron Krawitz owns and manages some of the most recognized IDN brands in the world. His portfolio of IDN companies includes IDNBlog, IDNTools, and IDNNewsletter.

Aaron has always wished that he could have been there in the 1990s to buy up the best .com’s while they were undervalued and he believes that an equivalent opportunity exists today with IDNs.

Aaron’s IDN portfolio includes ฟรี.com (Free).com in Thai; インク.jp (Ink).jp in Japanese; ハット.jp/com (Hats).jp/com in Japanese; テーマ.jp (Themes).jp in Japanese; ソファー.com (Sofa).com in Japanese; כלבים.com (Dogs).com in Hebrew; шрифт.com (Font).com in Russian; and many more.

Ed Keay-Smith from OzDomainer.com & AdWordsMarketing.com specializes in the setup & management of Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Lead Generation & Domain Names..

Since early 2004, Ed has focused on building a structured service that responds to the needs of growing companies seeking to gain new customers online.

Over the past few years Ed has started down the path of building a portfolio of generic domain names. There is a great deal to learn but there are many great people out there in the domain industry that are willing to share there knowledge. This is why Ed started his Domain Names Podcast at OzDomainer.com to interview some of the leaders in the domain game to help educate new people to the domain industry

Ed’s prime focus since 2007 has been ccTLD’s focusing on his local ccTLD .com.au and also .co.uk & .co.in & .in. There is now a very strong aftermarket in Australia since mid 2008. There are also several domain catching services that have sprung up as well.